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"Alana has been my PR and design manager ever since I had the concept for my business. She helped me grow from a small idea in my head to a thriving successful business only with in a couple of months. Whether you’re looking to do a small part of your business or have her do a complete PR take over, Alana is the right woman for the job.


She is a true professional and has amazing ideas. Alana was able to take my small idea and transform it into every aspect that I needed to be a successful business owner. With her assistance, I was able to create a logo, website, social media presence, menu design, and any other thing I need, Alana is always there for me. She has the power and ability to do and handle anything that is thrown at her.  She would be a true asset to any growing business and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without her."

- Daniel N.

   (Owner, Over the Bridge Café)


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