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Alana Millman is a Miami-based creative brand development specialist. From graphic and web design, to media relations and internal branding, she takes businesses to the next level. Alana founded AM Consulting with one mission in mind: using her diverse skill set to realize the creative vision of her clients and their brands. Let her take your small (or big) ideas, and package them into a powerful and tangible visual language for the world to see and love.


You’ve seen her graphic art at Miami staples like Carma Connected, the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, and Britto Central. Maybe you’ve even seen her running around the city with her signature two-toned hair and a MacBook in tow. A one woman branding machine, Alana is a seasoned communications professional who has experience in both media relations and media creation. Whether you need an occasional flyer, or a monthly full-service package, Alana is ready to work with your business and tailor a plan to its needs.


Let’s get to work!

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